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Land Services WA

As a trusted Solution Provider, we are committed to investing in people, technology and innovation for the benefit of our customers and the community.

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About Land Services WA

Land Services WA was appointed as the Service Provider for the Landgate Partial Commercialisation, in October 2019 to provide, improve and maintain the systems that facilitate Landgate’s automated titling services, including document and plan processing, searches and associated products and services.


At our core, Land Services WA is a technology solution provider, working collaboratively with the State as well as clients and partners.  We are committed to deliver products and services that support growth, efficiency and risk management imperatives.


Our relationships and networks provide secure access to insights, technical capability and source of truth data.  We will work with you to provide real-time solutions to live challenges faced and identify the opportunities of today and the digital property world of tomorrow.

Land Services WA is committed to promoting sustainable and responsible practices that benefit our stakeholders and the environment. In order to achieve this, we have set the following ESG objectives:


Environmental: Reduce our environmental impact by implementing sustainable practices across our operations, such as reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption from green sources, and minimising waste generation.


Social: Foster a diverse, inclusive, and safe workplace culture that respects human rights, supports employee well-being, and promotes community engagement. 


Governance: Ensure that our business is conducted ethically and transparently, with a strong commitment to compliance and risk management. 


We believe that by actively pursuing these ESG objectives, we can enhance our business performance, mitigate risks, and contribute to the broader goals of sustainability and responsible investment. Our progress towards these objectives will be regularly monitored and reported on, and we are committed to continuous improvement in our ESG practices.


In achieving these objectives, Land Services WA maximise its impact and its results in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) by demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, responsible practices, and strong governance.

Unique Advantage

In conjunction with Landgate and the State of Western Australia, Land Services WA is able to leverage access to some of the most valuable, extensive and rich, land and property data to develop product or service solutions for you.  Whether that be leveraging our partners innovative offerings or building a bespoke solution, the possibilities are endless.  


As a trusted service provider of the State, Land Services WA is also committed to providing information technology services that enhance regulatory processes so that we can consistently deliver high value and trusted services to the community and you. 

Our Services

As the world quickly evolves before our eyes, we work with you to make sense of data and deliver solutions to drive actionable insights to sustainably acquire and retain customers.


In an increasingly digital world we have access to the data and technology to enable straight through processing, reduce costs, and increase business process accuracy and efficiency.

Risk Management

We will work with you to create bespoke solutions to enable a better management of your risks and interests related to property and land, and strengthen your compliance processes.

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Contact Us 

To better understand how you can deploy our unique advantage for the benefit of your organisation please contact us

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